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Vecino Member of the Month | January 2024

You may know Bella from when she ran out of her group fitness class to go to the bathroom and somehow she managed to lock the entire class in the room in the process. We sacrificed the door and freed the 45 people that lovely, hectic Open Day morning. But even despite the added stress, Bella proved herself to be worthy of the award - that must mean she is pretty special!

"I love the Gap Fitness, I have been going to this incredible gym since I was in grade 9. Flash forward 6 years and I’m still here enjoying every minute of it. It works great around my uni and work schedule but my favourite thing is the community and the amazing people that truely make such a difference in my gym experience."

Thank you to our oncsite cafe, Vecino for sponsoring this award! They are home to the BEST bacon & egg burger, plenty of indoor seating amongst the plants or grab a spot in the courtyard under the trees.


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