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Gym Rules.
  • Children under 12 are not permitted in the gym or Group Fitness room

  • Members under 15 require parent or guardian supervision during non YouthFit hours

  • Members aged 15 - 17 may access the gym without supervision, but must adhere to our YouthFit policy

  • Access during unstaffed hours is available for gym members only

  • Members must not bring non members into the gym

  • Use a towel when using the equipment

  • Wear closed shoes at all times

  • Keep phone usage to a minimum

  • Members are not permitted to film or photograph others

  • No abusive or offensive language and no threatening behaviour

  • Equipment must be used correctly and returned after use

  • Use supplied spray and paper towel to disinfect all machines and equipment after use

  • No drugs, alcohol or being under the influence

  • No gym chalk

  • Respect other members and be mindful of time spent on equipment during busy periods

  • No smoking or vaping on the premises

We reserve the right to terminate a membership agreement or refuse entry to the gym if the manager and/or owner deem a member has breached the gym rules

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